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Covid Update

Since the COVID spike in Spring 2020, the Illinois Health Practice Alliance has worked closely with Centene Corporation, our joint venture partner, in sourcing and distributing personal protection equipment (PPE) on behalf of our State wide provider network in Illinois.  IHPA has distributed 50,000 patient care gloves, 40,000 face masks, 5,000 face shields, 10,000 isolation gowns and 5,000 KN95 masks to ensure our provider’s staff remain COVID free and can continue to provide our client’s access to critically needed Behavioral Health Services.

David Berkey, IHPA Chief Executive Officers delivers patient isolation gowns to Twin Green, Chief Executive Officer of the Link and Option Center to assist with their COVID testing project

David Berkey, IHPA CEO delivers patient isolations gowns to Mark Furlong, Chief Operating Officers of Thresholds to ensure Thresholds staff can safety provide care to their clients.